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Exhibitor feedback

„Many thanks to the entire team of the TEDDYBÄR TOTAL for the great service. In particular it should be emphasized that we were valued as an exhibitor. Next year we will be happy to be back.“

Angelika Meinerzhagen (Germany)

„I’m still excited about the way you did the TEDDYBÄR TOTAL. I was never felt so comfortable and was treated so friendly and courteous before.“

Anja Schulte (Germany)

„It was really great, I’m happy to be back next year.“

Anke Komorowski (Germany)

„We all were overwhelmed by the nicest organization of your first teddy show in Münster. You all were very friendly, helpful and operation professionally.“

Anna Koetse (Netherlands)

„It was a wonderful stay at the TEDDYBÄR TOTAL this year. I really enjoyed it very much and could buy lots of good bears there.“

Chieko Motoi (Japan)

„I want to thank you for the excellent organization of the TEDDYBÄR TOTAL. The fairwas just perfect.“

Els Brusse (Netherlands)

„I just want to say an enormous thank you from Johnny and I. The fair was very well organized and things were handled very efficient, very good work! We had a fantastic weekend at TEDDYBÄR TOTAL.“

Gitte Thorsen (Denmark)

„Thank you for the great show. We felt very well cared for and happy to come back next year. Our thanks go to all employees TEDDYBÄR TOTAL.“

Heike Buchner (Germany)

„The event was great. I will be back again next year. Congratulations to the entire team: You’ve really done a fantastic job.“

Heike Hilkenbach (Germany)

„The team of the TEDDYBÄR TOTAL has brought this show to a level of almost Kösen.“

Dr. Helmut Schache (Germany)

„I want to thank you for the perfectly organized exhibition. It could not be better. You are a great team.“

Hildegard Leber (Germany)

„Not only did we enjoy the TEDDYBÄR TOTAL more the many years, but it was busier for us tan any German show for several years.“

Ian Pout (England)

„I only can say: keep it up. It was a great exchange. From A to Z was all perfect. You are a great team. I will be back next year.“

Jürgen Behrendt (Germany)

„Huge congratulations to the whole team! You did a wonderful job.“

Maria Collin (Germany)

„The organization of the fair was very good as well as the support of exhibitors about the preparation period. Particularly impressive was that all the information and forms are also available in Russian. Thank you and good luck for the TEDDYBÄR TOTAL 2013.“

Natasha Kataeva (Russia)

„The TEDDYBÄR TOTAL 2012 was a minor miracle, the atmosphere characterized by kindness and respect. Everything was perfect and the language barriers were solved by interpreters.“

Natasha Koynova (Russia)

„We like the show very much. The organization was great, always a contact person on the spot. The atmosphere was great.“

Sabine Ceshire (Germany)

„I really enjoyed the TEDDYBÄR TOTAL. No question was left unresolved. Even with the transfer of trade documents upon arrival, we knew that would prevent misunderstandings. The atmosphere was good from the first moment. As exhibitor, we felt immediately at ease. Thanks to the whole team.“

Solvita Baudele (Latvia)

„It was just great. The organization was perfect. The atmosphere nice. Congratulations!“

Waltraud Rickel (Germany)

„For me the TEDDYBÄR TOTAL was not the first international exhibition, but the level of this show is a prime example of perfect organization. Everything was thought out to the little things. The show left only good and warm memories.“

Yulia Yurkevich (Russia)

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