About the contest

The GOLDEN GEORGE is the most coveted trophy for teddy artists in the world. And there are seven good reasons for that.

1. Fairness

At the GOLDEN GEORGE, artists can measure themselves in two classes. The premium class is open to any interested teddy maker. Once having won the coveted trophy, the participant will be a future master class player competing with former awardees only. A five-head jury is going to decide about nomination and winner.

2. The Jury

The organizers are inviting the five jurors of every year. These are always experts such as well-known artists, organizers, dealers as well as representatives of manufactories or teddy associations. Each juror comes from another country thus standing for a different culture and taste. Each year, there will a completely new jury. That’s why there will be a new chance every year.

3. Internationality

Artists from more than 20 countries compete against each other. Such a variety is not to be found at any other competition worldwide.

4. The challenge

Not only variety makes the GOLDEN GEORGE that special, but also the huge number of participants. There will be up to 40 entries for each category. Doing well here, is simply a proof for excellent quality, and to be nominated is already an award in itself.

5. The awards

The GOLDEN GEORGE is a very remarkable statue, cast from massive bronze, hand-polished and with a proud weight of 2 kilos. Nomination will be awarded, too, by a beautiful bronze medal with the GOLDEN GEORGE portrait.

6. The proceedings

In a first step, the artists hand in photos of their works. These photos are put at the disposal of the jury online and anonymized. Each juror is to give points for the works: 12 points – according to his opinion – for the best work of one category, 10 for the second best, 8 for the third-best. These points will be given to the organizer and counted together there. The result is a shortlist e.g. the list of nominees. Three works for each category will be nominated, sometimes four, if there is a draw. The score will not be published.

All nominated works will be exhibited at the TEDDYBÄR TOTAL. On Friday before the show, all jurors will give a closer look to nominated works personally. Again, they will give points according to the same system. An addition of all points then will result in awarding the winner of the GOLDEN GEORGE. For that reason it is absolutely necessary, that you hand over your artwork on Friday, April 23rd 2021 between 10 am and 2 pm at the GOLDEN GEORGE exhibition area.

Even non-nominated competition works are invited to this exhibition and, moreover, they have two further chances to win. It could happen that an excellent work fails because photos for nomination were defected. That’s why, since 2015, the jury will award a special prize for – according to its opinion – best non-nominated work.

Prior to the fair and by online voting, fans and visitors of TEDDYBÄR TOTAL have the possibility to vote for the Public Choice Award or they could do this on-site by giving their ballot papers.

On Saturday morning, the statues and medals will be given to the engraver who will furnish them with the artists’ names. Besides the engraver, there will be only three people knowing the awardees at that time and they will keep their secret until the GEORGE Dinner will take place.

7. The Dinner

The prizes will be awarded during the GEORGE Dinner on Saturday night. After a three-course-meal, the festive awarding of trophies takes place. And then, the party is to start, often ending far after midnight.

There is no comparable competition combining such an internationality, fairness, neutralism, quality and eminent awards for those nominated. Nor is there another competition offering such a challenge to artists. That’s what makes the GOLDEN GEORGE a worldwide coveted award for teddy-artwork.

8. Fee

The entry fee per competition entry is 66,– euros. (Early-bird-discount until October 15th, 2021: 50,- euros). For exhibitors, the entry fee per competition entry is 36,– euros. (Early-bird-discount until October 15th, 2021: 27,- euros).

Participation in the GEORGE Dinner is 49,- euros for the first two persons registered for exhibitors and participants of the competition, otherwise 89,- euros. For up to five additional persons the GEORGE-Dinner is 89,- euros.


Category 1 - Classical German teddy bear

Classical German teddy bear according to the idea of Richard Steiff with five joints, without additional items, undressed. Fur made of textiles like mohair or faux fur, a long mouth, a modelled upper back, wide apart eyes and relatively big and leaned forward ears. Maximum of one accessory on the teddy bear's body is admitted such as a bow, ruff, brooch, scarf or sash.

Category 2 - Classical teddy bear international

A classical teddy bear international, different to classical German teddy bears, for example based on traditional shapes from different origins like classical British, Japanese, Russian or American patterns, without additional items, undressed. Different tp classical German teddy for example in design of mouth and nose as well as to creative designs. Maximum of one accessory on the teddy bear's body is admitted such as a bow, ruff, brooch, scarf or sash.

Category 3 - Miniature I

Miniature teddy bear up to 10 centimeters, without additional items, undressed – maximum of one accessory on the teddy bears' body is admitted such as a bow, ruff, brooch, scarf or sash

Category 4 - Miniature II

Miniature teddy bear up to 10 centimeters, undressed or dressed with handmade clothes, with a maximum of three additional items such as another bear, animal, doll, doll’s pram, bike, car, chair etc.

Category 5 - Teddys kreativ I

Creative interpretation of one single teddy bear, undressed, mainly made of fabric, with a maximum of three further accessories/additional items

Category 6 - Teddys kreativ II

Creative interpretation of one single teddy bear, mainly made of fabric, dressed with handmade clothes, with a maximum of three additional items such as another bear, animal, doll, doll’s pram, bike, car, chair etc.

Category 7 - Realistic wildlife I

Realistic bear or another animal, bigger than 10 centimeter, undressed, sewn or felted. One realistic accessory, for example a twig or leaf, is allowed.

Category 8 - Realistic wildlife II

Realistic bear or another animal, up to 10 centimeter, undressed, sewed or felted. One realistic accessory, for example a twig or leaf, is allowed.

Category 9 - Fantasy

Animal-inspired figure or mythical creature, distinctly differing from classic bears, animals and creative interpretations of the teddy bear, no restriction in terms of materials and manufacturing technology.

Category 10 - Tableau

Beary Diorama (bottom plate of at least 10×10 centimeters, maximum 50×50 centimeters) to an annually changing topic. 2022: World Trip


Accessory: Decorative element mounted directly on the teddy bears‘ body.
Additional item: Further component to enlarge the artwork’s effect.
Additional elements serve to complement the competition work and must therefore not dominate it in terms of effect.


Early Bird Deadline: 15th October
Closing Date: 15th November
Nominations: March
Awarding Ceremony: While TEDDYBÄR TOTAL at the last weekend of April


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1. Admission of Works
Individual artists’ works that correspond to the category descriptions will be admitted to the GOLDEN GEORGE competition. The works must be original and fully the work of the submitting artist in terms of creation and execution; and must not violate any other copyrights. Each work of art may only be entered in the GOLDEN GEORGE competition once.

2. Participation
Participation is only possible via the online entry form, which can be accessed on the TEDDYBÄR TOTAL website. The entry form provides all the information and image motifs required for participation in the competition, as well as the entry fee payable.

3. Exclusivity
The GOLDEN GEORGE competition aims to honour artistic and technical excellence. It is thus irrelevant whether the submitted works have already been published elsewhere or submitted to another competition.

4. Category Selection
It is the sole responsibility of the participant to decide which category to submit a work to. If, in the course of the competition, the organiser or the jury notice that the work does not meet the rules of the relevant category, they can recommend an alternative category to the artist. In case of doubt, the work shall be taken out of the competition without reimbursement of costs.

5. Evaluation
5.1 Nomination Procedure
The work is evaluated in two steps. Artists first submit photos and descriptions of their work. These images are provided to the jury anonymously online. Each judge awards the respective work points: 12 points for what the judge considers the best work in a category, 10 points for the second best, 8 points for the third best. These points are sent directly to the organiser, where they are added up. This results in the list of nominations. Three works are nominated per category, or more in case of equal scores. Scores shall not be published.

5.2 Selecting Awardees
All nominated works must be exhibited as part of TEDDYBÄR TOTAL. The judges shall then personally examine all nominated works on site, where they will once again award points according to the system described. The winner of the GOLDEN GEORGE competition will then be determined by adding up the points awarded on site.

5.3 Absence of Judges
If a judge cannot carry out an examination in person, it is the organiser’s responsibility to have the evaluation carried out by the remaining judges (at least three); or to have the missing judge adequately replaced in the short term. The organiser cannot, however, personally act in place of a missing judge.

5.4 Special Award
Competition entries that were not nominated are also invited to participate in this exhibition. There are two more chances to win here. The jury shall hand out a special award for what they consider to be the best of the submissions that were not nominated. Leading up to the exhibition, fans of and visitors to TEDDYBÄR TOTAL will have the opportunity to take part in online or on-site voting to determine the audience award.

6. Award Presentation Ceremony
The handover of the nomination medals and the GOLDEN GEORGE statues shall take place exclusively during the GEORGE Dinner. The nominated artists must, therefore, be in attendance.

7. Exclusion from the Competition
The organiser reserves the right to remove a work from the competition at any time without reimbursement of costs, if there is reasonable doubt as to its originality or compliance with the rules. Costs will not be reimbursed. The lack of timely payment of the entry fee shall also lead to exclusion from the competition. Should a submission be removed from the competition after nomination has taken place, it is the organiser’s responsibility to decide whether to have it replaced by the contribution with the next highest score.

8. Image Copyright
Upon their submission to the competition the organiser shall, for the duration of the competition cycle – but for no longer than one year, starting from the closing date for submission to the competition – obtain the spatially unlimited right to use these images as part of editorial reporting and marketing activities for the competition. This includes digital and print publication as well as presentation during events. The organiser shall always provide the images free of charge as part of its public relations work. In case of nomination, temporally unlimited usage rights shall be transferred to the organiser in relation to TEDDYBÄR TOTAL and the GOLDEN GEORGE competition.


The GOLDEN GEORGE contest is the most important award of the international teddy scene. The awarding ceremonie is part of the George-Dinner that takes place on April 23rd, 2022 in the White Hall in the exhibition center in Münster. From 6:30 pm a reception opens the ceremony. The George-Dinner starts at 7:00 pm with a three course menu.

In connection to the meal, the GOLDEN GEORGE trophies will be awarded. Nobody should miss this unique opportunity to meet world-famous international artists. The participation at the George Dinner costs including food and drinks 89,– euro (exhibitors and participants pay 49,– euro).

– George-Dinner on April 23th, 2022
– 6:30 pm: reception in the lobby in front of the White Hall
– 7:00 pm: George-Dinner including the awarding ceremony of the GOLDEN GEORGE
– Entry: 89,– Euro (Exhibitors & participants for the GOLDEN GEORGE: 49,– Euro)
– The international table buffet and all drinks are included
– Formal dress is requested

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