Exhibitor application 2021

I would like to register for the 27th TEDDYBÄR TOTAL 2021 in Münster:

Early reservation saves 10% up to 31. August 2020

Please mark your wishes
Classic: Your table (265,00 Euro / Early reservation: 238,50 Euro)

incl. electric supply max. 3 KW, consumption, Exhibitor parking and 4 VIP-Tickets. Per table: 265,00 (Early reservation: 238,50 Euro).


incl. electric supply max. 3 KW, consumption, Exhibitor parking and 4 VIP-Tickets (Early reservation: 328,50 Euro).

I was exhibitor at the TEDDYBÄR TOTAL 2020 and I want to keep my stand place for next year. (Only until 31.08.2020)
The special one: Your booth

per sqm: 60,00 Euro. (Early reservation: 54,00 Euro)

per meter: 35,00 Euro (Early reservation: 31,50 Euro)

each: 60,00 Euro (Early reservation: 54,00 Euro)

Extra: Your advertising

I book an advert (60 x 60 mm) for the big preliminary report in TEDDYS kreativ directly before TEDDYBÄR TOTAL 2020. (Advertising inclusive standnumber)

each: 100,00 Euro (Early reservation: 90,00 Euro)

I would like to have a certificate on my participation in TEDDYBÄR TOTAL.

each: 10,00 Euro

each: 20,00 Euro (Early reservation: 20,00 Euro)

Additional: Your attendance

each: 10,00 Euro (Early reservation: 10,00 Euro)

(All prices plus 19% tax, please seek for special services like extra furniture etc. Should you be planning any further activities during the event (special shows, workshops etc.) let us know, so we can consider them in the advertisements).

Yes, I read and accept the exhibition conditions. I want a binding application.